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    City FX Property Investment

    City FX offers more than just currency investments, investors can choose from a range of investment types. With our property investments you can invest in one of the most long term proven investment sectors.

    For decades property has proven to be one of the strongest long term investments, providing a healthy average return year on year. Even with the dips and crashes that have happened in the market, the carefully managed long term property investment plans have been able to ride out the price dips to continuously generate a healthy return for investors.

    Property Investment Options

    City FX offers two different property investment types with slightly different return projections, security and ethical investment benefits.

    Both of our property investments offer:
    • A healthy target return of an estimated 9.00%-12.50% AER1 gross per annum
    • A two year minimum investment term, which is a short investment period for this type of investment. Investors are welcome to leave their investments in for a longer period, or can withdraw their investment after just 2 years.
    • 'Bricks and Mortar' security, giving investors control of property assets in the event of any worst case scenario
    • High demand residential properties purchased in long term stable areas within London and Madrid
    • The management of properties is controlled directly by City FX Investment and its property management company, no outsourcing of asset control.

    • Serviced Property Investment

      Our most popular property investment and the one generating the highest returns, is our Serviced Property Investment.

      Residential Properties are purchased in central London and Madrid and used for short term rental, either to business travellers or short stay holiday visitors to the cities. This generates a higher return from the use of the properties, with upfront billing and less tenancy issues.

      Serviced Property Investment - key benefits:

      • 19.50%-23.75% Gross1 projected total return on investment over 2 years
      • 10.25% AER1 projected return per annum thereafter2
      • Three pronged returns strategy; Property renovation, house price rises, serviced letting income

      There is the potential for higher investor returns over the 2 year period, depending on rental demands and property value increase. Projected returns stated are based on conservative estimates.

      Our property buying team are very selective, only purchasing properties that can increase greatly in value with some minor, relatively low cost, improvements. Plus buying properties in the areas that are set to have healthy price increases and with a low chance of major price dips.

      Serviced Property Investment

      Rent to Buy Property Investment

      Our ethically based Rent to Buy Property Investment allows investors to make a good return on their investment, while at the same time enabling first time buyers to slowly purchase their own property.

      As well as being a more ethical investment option, assisting buyers who would not normally be able to get a mortgage, providing rent to buy properties benefits investors in many more ways than standard property renting. Tenants are personally responsible for the property and invested in its upkeep. Also government and charitable support are more readily available for rent to buy tenants, assisting them in retaining their property, as it is a far better long term support plan.

      Rent to Buy Property Investment - key benefits:

      • 18.00%-22.50% Gross1 projected total return on investment over 2 years (minimum period)
      • 8.20% AER1 projected return per annum thereafter2
      • Three pronged returns strategy; Property renovation, house price rise, rental income

      There is the potential for higher yearly investor returns, depending on rental demands and property value increase. Projected returns stated are based on conservative estimates.

      As tenants pay their monthly rent they slowly acquire a small percentage of the property, year on year. Once they acquire a high enough percentage of the property they are then able to obtain their own mortgage and purchase the property outright.

      Investors are able to withdraw their money from the investment prior to this and even re-invest at a later date, if so desired. City FX Property Investments are spread across multiple properties, with rent to buy properties being sold or purchased regularly. This gives our investors flexibility when withdrawing their investment, so providing far less delays than individual property purchasing and selling and far less paperwork to take care of.

      Rent to Buy Property Investment

      For more information or to invest in either of our property investments, open a free online account. Alternatively contact us if you have any questions about our investments.

      Important Information

      1 Returns on investments are estimates based on previous performance. Returns will fluctuate depending on the overall property fund. Higher returns could be achieved as the returns stated are based on conservative estimates. Lower returns could also occur in the event of house price dips or property income difficulties.

      2 Third year returns are lower as based on a shorter term investment, after the initial two year minimum investment period extended investments require only a 90 day withdrawal notice. Investors wanting to resubmit their investment for a minimum two year period will again receive the higher return rate.


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