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      What are the Risks?
      In any high return investment the first question is always "What are the risks?". City FX Investment has created a high yield investment with a low risk structure. The majority of high yield investments available work on the purchasing of financial assets, or physical assets, that are then resold for a profit. Like any other business that relies on the buying and selling of goods, the risk occurs if the goods you buy cannot be sold for a profit, or even worse can only be sold for far less than you bought them for.

    The buying and selling of currencies can be seen as very risky, as exchange rates can change rapidly, with certain currencies being a favoured one minute to suddenly drop in value as it is frantically sold off. This is due to a number of factors; World events, Central bank decisions, Employment figures, Economic positions and more. But generally, rates are dictated by the fears and speculations of banks, investment funds and individuals.

    With these knee jerk reactions in mind, it is therefore very risky to speculate on a currency's worth today, tomorrow or at any specific time. City FX Investment has an extensive knowledge of currency trading, we use only a small leverage of 20:1 to boost our investments buying power and then normally only 50% of investments are used to purchase currencies, with the reserve 50% of the investment being held to cover any major unforeseen fluctuations that may occur with the currencies. This ensures that we have the time and resources to move with currencies, when they fluctuate more than expected. We do not get caught out by dramatic World events or policy changes.

    City FX Investment holds multiple currencies, exchanging them gradually between each other increasing or decreasing our exposure to certain currencies based on market trends. When a currency has a sudden spike or dip over a few days, weeks or even months, City FX has the knowledge, time and resources to trade with the currency and in the case of a currency going against our forecast, we can still trade and manoeuvre with it until it reaches a level where we can return a safe minimal profit.
      Peace of Mind Investing
      City FX follows simple rules to create a stable high yield return and give flexibility to your investment. In addition we offer Instant Access and Full Transparency. With City FX Investment your money does not disappear behind closed doors to be returned to you at some future date. With City FX Investment you can see exactly the value of your investment day by day. You can view the currencies we are holding and with our Instant Access option you can even withdraw up to 20% of your initial investment at any time, with the remainder of your investment being available with 21 days once your minimum investment period has passed.

    • Target of up to 30% return per annum on your investment
    • Full Transparency - See your investment and Currencies held every day
    • Instant Access to up to 20% of your investment*
    • Short Term Investment options of just 3 months**

    Due to the leveraged ability of FX investing you can invest as little as £10,000, on a minimum one year term, and still receive a high return per annum. The minimum required to qualify for our instant withdrawal option and minimum 3 month investment term is £50,000.

    Hedge funds, Corporate Investments, Institutions, Government Bodies and Councils can invest up £100 Million or for individual investors the maximum is £10 Million, at present.
      * Instant Access is available to deposits of over £50,000
    ** Short Term investment option available on deposits over £50,000

    Minimum investment levels are subject to change and can be altered at any time prior to your investment being made. Changes to investment levels after you have made your investment will not affect your original investment term agreement

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