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      How Much Can I Invest and How Much Should I Invest?
      Foreign Exchange Trading relies on large purchases to make the most from the price fluctuations. Trading in currencies is normally leveraged, which means that banks will allow you to purchase a substantially larger amount of a currency than the funds you deposit with them. Of course they do not allow you to withdraw these funds they are theoretically controlled by the investor until the trade is closed out and the profit, or possible loss, is balanced off from your initital balance. Leverage can be as high as 200:1, which allows a trader to purchase 200 times his balance, however this will greatly increase the amount that can be generated or lost from the trade. At CityFX we trade at a 20:1 leverage to ensure stable and controllable trading.
      Maximum and Minimum Investments
      Due to the leveraged ability of Foreign Exchange investing you can invest as little as £10,000, on a minimum 1 year term, and still receive a high return of 24% per annum. The minimum required to qualify for our instant withdrawal option, which starts with a minimum 3 month investment, is £50,000*.

    Our rates of return on your investment increase with your investment amount, as we can lower the percentagte required for your personally managed investment. Investment of £100,000 recieve our top tier return of up to 30% per annum, for more details on management fees please see our management fee page.

    Hedge funds, Coprorate Investments, Institutions, Government Bodies and Councils can invest up £100 Million or for individual investors the maximum is £10 Million, at present.
      * If your investment is under £31,500 and you withdraw the full 20% instantly available your remaining investment will be held to the minimum one year policy as it is under the £50,000 minimum.

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