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    Foreign Currency Investment - Exit Strategy

    A good trading strategy is a great start, but when it comes time to withdraw your investment a good exit strategy is also essential. Choosing an exit date for your investment far in advance of the day is very tricky as the trades you may possibly have purchased when that date comes may not be in the best position for you to trade out. City FX Investment offers a unique exit strategy for our investors enabling our clients to withdraw their funds with just a few weeks notice1.

    With a standard one year investments, or if you select to end your investment early, 28 days prior to the end of your investment your trades will be moved into an exit pool. This is a collection of all of the currency investments coming to the end of their trading period and enables us to move trades amongst exiting investors. This allows us to allocate trades coming to a profitable close, whilst leaving other currency pairs to run their course.

    Profits generated previously on your investment are not affected. The current value of your trades are merely traded out to generate as much profit as possible and leave as little negative return trades still running. The final weeks of your investment may not return the same average per week as you have achieved for the rest of your investment, so we do urge investors to leave their investment with us as long as possible to generate a better long term average yield.

    Withdrawing Your Investment

    There is a minimum one year term for our Foreign Currency Investments, however with investments over £100,000 investors can request an early withdrawal, after an initial 3 month investment period. Or you can leave your investment accruing the same high return year upon year, with the option to withdraw your investment when you choose, with just 28 days notice.

    In addition our Instant Access2 option allows you to access 20% of your investment within just 7 working days, after the initial minimum investment period. This will not affect your percentage return but as your investment has reduced you will receive the return on the remaining balance from the date of withdrawal. This is a useful option for investors who may need to access part of their funds quickly, but still wish to benefit from a high yield investment.

    At the end of your selected investment term your investment and return generated will be transferred back to your initial depositing account.

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    Important Information

    1 The initial investment period for Foreign Currency Investments is one year. Investments over £100,000 can be withdrawn early after an initial three months investment period. Once a request is made the investment value at that time is calculated and funds are withdrawn to the investors account 28 days later.

    2 Instant Access allows investors to withdraw up to 20% of their investment after the initial 3 month investment period. This is only available to investments of £50,000 and over. Funds are transferred back to the original depositing account within 7 working days.


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