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    FX Investing

    City FX Investment specialises in foreign currency trading. Offering a very high yield return with a manageable, low leveraged, currency investment base. Over the last three years our foreign currency investments have returned an average of 24.70% Gross per annum1 for our investors and that is after City FX Investment management fees2.

    Of course past performance is no guarantee of future returns and investors must be aware that currency investments can be very volatile, in some cases returning substantially less than the initial investment. Please read our risk information section.

    City FX Investment has years of experience in the currency trading market and employs many safe guards to protect your investment position and currency values. Our careful trading policy and our knowledge of currency market fluctuations allows us to move with currencies, generating small returns on minor day to day movements, whilst also generating healthy profits on the larger long term movements.

    Currencies Traded, Forecast and Leverage

    Currencies Long Term
    Forecast Movement
    • AUD - Australian Dollar
    • CAD - Canadian Dollar
    • CHF - Swiss Franc
    • EUR - Euro
    • GBP - Great British Pound
    • JPY - Japanese Yen
    • NZD - New Zealand Dollar
    • SGD - Singapore Dollar
    • USD - United States Dollar
    Please Note: City FX forecasts are very long term. These are not always aimed at the coming days or weeks. Some currencies on a very bearish or bullish trend may continue on in the direction before turning.

    This information should not be taken as trading advice and is merely an insight in to the way City FX Investment plans its currency investments.
    (Forecasts updated 24th Feb20 10:38am)

    City FX only trades in the leading currencies, that are listed above. This ensures that investors funds are only held in the most stable world economies.

    In addition, City FX trades currencies at a low 20:1 leverage3 to enable easier control in the event of currency fluctuations. Banks and self trading platforms can offer trading on these currencies at up up 200:1 leverage or more, but at these levels negative fluctuation can cause substantial loses. If you are managing your own trading we would recommend working with a low leverage for greater control.

    Currency Investment Account

    FX Investment Account Benefits
    • 22.00%-28.00% gross projected return per annum
    • One year investment term4
    • Free online Transparent Investing™ account
    • View the currencies held, your weekly investment balance and projected returns 24/7

    Account Requirements
    • Account holders must be 18 years or over
    • Account holder verification will be required for large investments
    • Minimum one year investment4
    • Minimum investment £10,0005 (Or equivalent in EUR or USD)

    For more insight in to our investments open a Transparent Investing™ account. You can see how our investment funds are allocated, our projections for the coming months and the currencies pairs we are trading. You can open a free account with no obligation to invest.

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    What is FX Investing?

    FX Trading, Foreign Currency Trading or Forex are the most common names for the buying and selling of currencies in the aim of generate profit from the fluctuation of exchange rates. Currencies are normally purchased based on a specific pair eg; EUR/USD (Euros against United States Dollar). If a trader believes the EUR is currently too strong against the dollar, then they would buy an amount of USD with their EUR, then when the EUR drops against the USD they can re-buy more EUR with the USD than they previously had.

    This is a very simple example and relates to most currency trading. Larger foreign currency purchasing can be less tied to a particular pair and its fluctuations. Portions of the currency are bought and sold against other currencies as the market fluctuates so risk is spread across a number of currencies, just buying or selling a percentage of each one held as the markets move.

    Important Information

    1 Average return percentage taken from trading figures from November-October in 2010-2011 (29.70% return) 2011-2012 (28.73% return) and 2012-2013 (15.69% return).

    2 Depending on your investment amount City FX Investment take a 2%-4% management fee from the initial investment made, or a 4.5%-7.5% management fee if the return on the investment is greater than 16%. Gross return figures displayed already have the management fees taken in to account. More details available in your online investment account, rates are dependent on investment level and account type.

    3 Leverage of 20:1 is maintained as the standard trading leverage for all City FX Currency Investments. In rare situations this leverage may be increased temporarily to enable trades to move with currency fluctuations. For the majority of investments a low leverage will be maintained throughout the investment term.

    4 Foreign Currency Investments are for a minimum of one year. At the end of this term investors will be given the option to withdraw their investment and returns, or to extend their investment for a further shorter term.

    5 The minimum investment in our FX Currency Investment is £10,000. Investors can invest any amount over this minimum.


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