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      Careful Trading
      City FX Investment has a strict trading policy and also an excellent trading track record. Whilst no high return investment is completely without risk, City FX Investment trades with a very low leveraged, low risk model. Ensuring any large fluctuations in currency rates will not push your investment into an unmanageable or untenable position. The key to a good long term currency investment is having the ability to buy and sell when you want to not when the market gets to extreme for your investment level to handle.

    City FX Investment combines a low leverage, small investment technique with a longer term higher level investment model. This allows us to generate small profits continuously from day to day fluctuations, whilst managing the larger long term movements of currencies with our larger low leveraged positions.
      What is Leverage and Low Leverage?
      Leverage is how much of a currency you can purchase with the amount of physical money you have invested. Due to the simple control over the currency you purchase, banks or organisations are very willing to leverage you huge sums of money, just as long as they keep tabs on your potential losses. Some trading platforms will allow you to trade at a 200:1 leverage, so with just a £1,000 deposit you can buy £200,000 worth of your chosen currency. However they will only let you keep this leveraged amount as long as the currency you purchased does not drop below your account balance, a slight movement the wrong way (approximately 0.5% shift) and your account is -£1,000, the bank closes your position, selling or buying out the pair you selected. You are then left with no currency, no leverage and no £1,000.

    If you had opted to go for a Low Leverage of 20:1 you would have only been able to buy £20,000 of your selected currency if you deposited £1,000. But if the currency shifted the wrong way it would need to do so by approximately 5%, far less likely and far slower if it does. Allowing you time to make an informed decision as to what you wish to do. Either trade out and stop your loses or boost your account balance to hold your position.

    Higher Leverage allows you the ability to make huge profits in a very short amount of time, but if your cash resources are tight and your trades go against you, you may very well lose your whole investment very quickly. With Low Leverage investment your profits are not as high but neither are your potential loses. Low Leverage allows the investor to manage and control their investment far more easily.

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