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    What Are The Risks With Clean Energy Investment?

    Investing in our Clean Energy Investment is a low to medium risk investment. Whilst it carries the risk of investing in an energy business, with the costs, regulations and difficulties that come with running any business. You then in turn have the high demand for the product and the backing from governments, organisation and the general public, which is currently focused on the clean energy sector.

    The need for countries to meet their low emissions targets and the ever increasing demand for electricity and water means that any companies working to provide these facilities will receive a lot more support than regular private businesses or non clean energy production facilities.

    City FX Investment selects only the best concentrated solar power (CSP) investments, that have sound planning and management backing. Investment is only placed in facilities built within the EU, the USA and Australia. Allowing greater long term security in investments and also the placement of floating charges over investment assets, as outlined below.

    Asset Security

    All of our higher return investments carry an element of risk. However, these are managed and limited by asset securities that are put in place.

    With our Clean Energy Investments we are able to secure floating charges on physical assets purchased, eg; land, machinery and equipment. In the worst case scenario, if a CSP plant investment is placed in, is unable to complete construction or becomes financial not viable, for whatever reason, City FX Investment has control of all physical assets purchased with the investments. We are able to take control of these, before the bank or other creditors, and can sell them to new owners, engineering companies or land developers to recoup the initial investment capital.

    The charge on these securities will only be enforced in the event of a liquidation of a CSP plant, a situation we do not envisage occurring. Prior to this, if a CSP plant found itself in difficulty there would normally be interest from other energy companies, depending on the stage of construction, or just the land itself would retain a reasonable value.

    If this were to be enforced there would be a loss to investors capital, however this would be a limited loss and far from a complete loss of investment which can occur in other high return investments.

    Fixed Rate and Loses to Your Capital

    As we always advise, spreading your investment is the best way to limit exposure and generate a good average return across your higher return investments. It is also good to seek independent advice before making any investment decisions.

    Our Clean Energy Investment offers a fixed return, so there will be no fluctuation in your return amounts as this is not a performance related investment.

    However, there is still a risk to your investment, if there were to be a liquidation of the CSP plant that your investment is placed in. City FX Investment does not guarantee the interest return or your initial investment capital. In the event of a liquidation of the facility you may receive back less than you invested. As detailed in our Asset Security section there are securities in place to extract your investment if this very unlikely scenario were to occur.

    In the event of a sale, City FX Investment will ensure that investments are carried over, or purchased out, to return your full investment capital and the interest payments to date.

    If you wish to invest in our Clean Energy Investments open a free online account below where you will find out more information on investment options and how to move forward.

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