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    City FX Saver Accounts

    City FX offers basic fixed rate saver accounts. These allow our investors to deposit small investment amounts that they can then easily hold of, as and when needed, whilst at the same time receiving a healthy fixed interest rate.

    Investors can also transfer money between Saver Accounts and Investments, increasing their Investment capital in our Foreign Currency Investments, Property Investments and Clean Energy Investments. Or at the end of their investment term investors can transfer their money back to their Saver Accounts so that their money keeps working for them, while they decide which next long term investment is best for them.

    We have two types of accounts that investors can use, both are free of charge1 and are open to all customers. You can choose from our Instant Saver Account with an inteest rate of 3.10% AER. Or our Super Saver Account with an interest rate of 5.25% AER.

    These accounts are aimed at clients already investing in our high return funds. If you do not already have an investment with us you will be able to use our Super Saver Account, with a limit on the maximum deposit amount to begin with.


    Instant Saver Account
    • 3.10% AER interest
    • Instant access to withdraw funds (received within 5 working days)2
    • Interest applied monthly
    • Interest earned from the day you deposit your funds3

    Super Saver Account
    • 5.25% AER gross interest per annum
    • Withdraw funds within just 28days5
    • Interest applied monthly
    • Interest earned from the day you deposit your funds3

    Minimum and Maximum Deposits

    Saver accounts will be subject to a minimum and maximum balance per account. Clients looking to invest over £10,000 should view our longer term investment options Foreign Exchange Investment, Property Investment and Clean Energy Investment

    Clients can open a maximum of one Instant Saver Account and one Super Saver Account. Initial limits start at;

    Instant Saver Account
    New Account HoldersN/AN/A
    Investment Holders £1,000£5,000

    Super Saver Account
    New Account Holders£1,000£7,000
    Investment Holders £1,000£10,0004

    Instant Saver Account

    Super Saver Account

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    Important Information

    1 No charges for account holders with their funding bank account located in the UK or Spain. Worldwide investors holding one of our Investment products will also have a number of free withdrawals depending on their Investment level and number of transfers carried out. Account holders in the rest of the world without one of our Investment products may be subject to bank transfer fees when withdrawing from their City FX saver accounts.

    2 Transfer time of 5 working days for account holders with their funding bank account located in the UK or Spain. Transfers to other countries may take up to 10 working days.

    3 Account balance must remain above the minimum balance for 30 days to qualify for interest. Interest is then calculated from the first day the account met minimum requirements.

    4 The maximum saver account balance set is higher for holders of City FX Investment products. Increases in the maximum balance allowed on saver accounts will be applied the longer the account is open and funded, or the longer Investment products are held.

    5 Account must be funded for a minimum of two months before withdrawal request

    6 Accounts can hold a lower amount than the minimum but will not be subject to interest payments. Only accounts with a balance higher than the minimum balance will earn the published interest rates.

    7 Accounts can exceed the maximum balance, but interest will only be paid on the maximum balance amount allowed for the account. Increases in the maximum balance allowed will be applied to accounts the longer the account is open and funded, or the longer Investment products are held.


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