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    Investment Security

    The first question on every investors mind should be "what risks are involved" and "what security is offered". No matter how high the returns may be, if the risk is too great and too little security is offered it may not be the best choice to invest.

    Our investment products offer varying degrees of security. Some simply on the way your investment funds are handled, others in legal underwriting, giving the control of investment assets to the investors in the event of any major collapse.

    With global news reports over the last few years updating us on the crisis affecting major banking institutions and even the possibility of countries defaulting, investors must be a little more wary of where their funds are placed and how easily they can recoup them.

    To get a better idea of the risk levels associated with each of our investment products, it is best to look at our risk information section or you can contact one of our investment managers

    Below we have outlined the securities associated with our investment products. More detailed information is given in the terms and conditions of each investment, which you should read thoroughly before committing to any investment. However, the information here will give you a general overview.

    Serviced Property Investment

    Our property investments carry the highest security of all of our investment products. As these investments are for the purchase of physical assets, it is easier to assign ownership of these assets to investors. Once properties are purchased a floating charge is taken out on behalf of all investors in that fund. Then in the event of a collapse, investors have the opportunity to take charge of assets to recoup their investment.

    Property investors can opt for additional fund management if they wish. We work with solicitors and accountancy firms in the UK and Spain that provide a dual fund management service, when dealing with investment asset purchase. Funds are deposited with these firms in an escrow account, held under tight regulations. Investment funds are only released upon completion of a property or asset purchase, with a floating charge for the investor issued at the same time. This ensures that funds or assets are always secured in the investors favour. Due to the additional fees related to this type of dual management. Investors will receive slightly less on their overall return. More details are available in our Transparent Investing™ Online Account.

    Rent to Buy Property Investment

    With our ethical Rent to Buy Property Investments, investors benefit from the same asset based security as our Serviced Property Investments but also have the additional security of joint responsibility that Rent to Buy tenants take on with the property. Tenants benefit from an equity increase but are also legally responsible, along with investors, for any equity loss on their particular property and the mortgage payments on it.

    This ensures that the tenants commit to the property and that they continue to keep up with their regular monthly payments. So in the event of a property price dip, tenants cannot simple leave the property but must ride it out with investors. Tenants also benefit from improving and maintaining the property, so giving investors a property partner not just a renting tenant.

    Property Investment  

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    Clean Energy Investment

    Our clean energy investments also involve a great deal of land and asset purchases which are assigned under a floating charge to all investors. This ensures that in the event of a collapse of the entire development that a large amount of investors funds can be recouped from the sale of land and assets. A floating charge guarantees that investors will be paid an equal percentage, based on their initial investment, of any funds raised from these asset sales prior to other creditors being paid.

    Any land or assets with external loans and mortgages attached will require these paid first. Investors will be invited to take on these debts to fully secure the assets, if so desired.

    Clean Energy Investment

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    City FX Saver Accounts

    Our City FX Saver Accounts are not asset based so cannot benefit from this type of security to cover cash deposit.

    However unlike our other investment products which can go up as well as down, our Saver Accounts have a fixed monthly income. This income is generated by providing support for our investment products. Instead of City FX borrowing money from banks or other financial organisations and paying high borrowing fees, we can pass this return on to our saver account users.

    Our Saver Accounts are company backed by City FX Investment and are not used for risk investments. Our higher risk investment products absorb the risk and returns or loses, whilst our Saver Accounts are given first repayment priority.

    Saver Accounts           

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    Foreign Currency Investment

    With foreign currency trading the security is only within the currencies the fund is holding, which is exactly where the profits and loses occur. The best security that can be offered is where the currencies are held and the leverage that is used on the currencies traded.

    City FX Investment ensures that all foreign currency investments are held and purchased with only government bonded banks within the EU and US, and of those only the most highly rated.

    We ensure investments are held with a number of banks, to minimise the risk of any individual country or organisation experiencing difficulties.

    Foreign Currency Trading carries the highest risk of all of our investment products and has the least security available. However the easier access to liquid funds plus the high potential returns makes it an attractive choice for some investors.

    FX Currency Investment

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