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      General Questions

    How is City FX Investment regulated?

    City FX Investment is registered in Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and European financial services laws.

    What management fees do City FX Investment charge?

    All of our displayed returns for our investments are after fees have already been taken out. The target or fixed return stated is exactly what investors will receive on their investment, depending on performance.

    Fees are different for each one of our investment types. On Foreign Currency Investments there is a minimum 4% fee, of the initial amount invested, or up to 25% of the generated return, whichever is greater.

    Our property and clean energy investments have a minimum 2% fee, of the initial amount invested, or up to 20% of the gross generated return, whichever is greater.

    City FX Investment takes a minimum fixed fee on all investments to ensure a stable management service. In the event of large dips in investment values invetsors want a calm management team in charge of their funds.

    Why Should I Invest with City FX Investment?

    City FX Investment has a small investment management team that gives investors far more direct contact with their management team and their investment assets. Due to lower operating costs than some larger financial institutions we can offer investors a far more attractive return on their investments, a more perosnal service and more flexible terms.

    How can City FX Investment offer such high returns compared to other investment companies?

    As City FX Investment directly manages all of its investment products we are not paying fees and sharing returns with any other organisations. In addition, we make sure that our property and clean energy investments work in multiple ways to maximise on the return that can be generated from them. Our investments do carry varying levels of risk but these are no higher that investors will find with other similar investment funds.

    Saver Accounts

    Why is there a maximum on account deposits?

    Saver Account funds are used to supply our investment products with mortgages and loans, that are also sourced from banks at similar charges and rates that we offer our account holders. We only need a certain amount of funds at any time so we do not want investors overloading saver accounts with funds that are not needed. Instead of offering a small interest rate on unlimited level saver accounts, we can offer a higher return just the amounts required. Limits on the amount you can deposit in to Saver Accounts will increase the longer accounts are open and funded, or the longer investment products are held.

    I do not have a bank account in the UK or Spain, how much are withdrawal fees from my saver accounts?

    Each country and bank has different rates depending on how much is being transferred andwhere it is coming from and going to. We have very good international transfer rates set up with financial institutions around the world, so normally fees are between £8 and £22 per transfer. If you want to know the exact fees, at this current time, please email us letting us know which bank and country your account is located and if you will be depositing your money in our UK GBP accounts or to our Spanish Euro accounts.

    Do I get a card or a pay in book with my saver account?

    No, these are basic online saver accounts. You can deposit online with a bank to bank transfer and withdraw online. These accounts cannot be accessed through high street bank branches or the post office.

    Foreign Currency Investments

    How can you offer such a high return on Foreign Currency Investments?

    With City FX Investments currency trading model we have been able to generate higher returns from our currency investments without increasing the risk greatly.

    Instead of following trends and chasing daily currency trades, as many investment banks do, City FX Investment holds currencies for the long term, moving with currencies as they fluctuate, generating small daily profits and creating large returns when currencies move dramatically. We pass the majority of these returns on to our invetsors whilst only taking a small management fee.

    What are the management fees associated with an FX Investment?

    City FX Investment either takes a set management fee or a percentage of the returns generated, depending on the performance of the investment. The set management fee is 4% of the initial investment amount, o 25% of the returns generated, whichever is greater.

    For example; a £100,000 investment would have a minum invetsmehnt fee of £4,000. If teh investment generated a £32,000 return over the year, the management fee would be £8,000.

    The projected investment returns stated are after management fees have already been taken in to account. So these show the net return investors will receive, if investments perform as projected.

    Property Investments

    Why is the minimum investment in property investment so high?

    For property investments £50,000 is not a very high minimum investment compared to the cost of individual purchasing a high value central city property. There are property investments that offer lower returns investing in properties in other cities.

    However, City FX Investment believes that the more secure and profitable property investments are found in the centre of major cities. The demand for properties in these locations always remains high almost regardless of economic fluctuations. So our Property Investments do start at a higher amount but are far more likely to make healthy returns year on year and with the security of a high demand location.

    Clean Energy Investments

    Why are invetsment periods so long with Clean Energy Investments?

    Building large scale concentrated solar power plants is not a quick process. From construction to production and then to making a returning on the huge initial investment, actual takes many many years, far longer than the investment periods offered in our Clean Energy Investments.

    City FX Investment has made it possible for investors to be involved in these large scale productions without being committed for the full period it takes for the energy company and facility to generate a profit. Investors are able to invest in stages of construction and production. So compared to our other investments our Clean Energy Investments are a longer term prospect, but in energy production our 3, 5 and 7 year options are relatively short term.


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